Pinball Room at Rock Fantasy, Middletown

Pinball seems to be a relic of the past, though there is a cult following of those who love the game. You can’t find many arcades that have pinball north of NYC these days, except a novelty machine or two in the corner of a dusty bar. I’ve found places in Budapest, New Hampshire, and Las Vegas that have great collections of pinball machines and now, finally, one in upstate New York as well! Rock Fantasy [75 W Main St Middletown, NY 10940], like the rest of these pinball homes, isn’t a glitzy attraction.

rock_fantasy_pinball_2Blink and you might miss it. Rock Fantasy is tucked away in a quiet town off the main drag, just over an hour and a half from Albany or just under that from NYC. Any pinball wizard should work this gem into a day trip in the Hudson Valley. Pinball isn’t actually the whole draw of the store, which sells Rock and roll and smoke shop merchandise in the front. Move past the psychedelic black light posters in the hallway and you are transported into the land of pinball.

rock_fantasy_pinball_1Over two dozen machines line the walls of the back room, games range anywhere from .50 cents to over a dollar and are in excellent working condition.

rock_fantasy_pinball_Exchange your dollars for quarters in the front. Play a game or two or invest in an afternoon of fun while rocking out to the great music playing.

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