Olde Bryon Inn, Saratoga Eats

Classic, historical, but most importantly – downright delicious. Olde Bryan Inn [123 Maple Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866] is my favorite restaurant in Saratoga Springs.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_6I love OBI for so many reasons. First off you can’t beat the atmosphere. It’s an upscale tavern, but not pretentious and very affordably priced. The wood, stone, and iron light fixtures all add depth to the wonderful character of the space.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_2Service is always efficient and accommodating. Second, the building itself has a long history in the town. Built in 1773, the OBI has seen just about everything come and go, even George Washington. I also love that it is off the main strip, away from the hustle bustle…parking is much more relaxed this way. And then, there’s the food. Ah yes, what we came here for. I’ve never been disappointed. Start with perfect still warm freshly baked rolls, and try to decline when the waiter asks if you’ll like a basket refill.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_Always follow with French onion soup, some of the tastiest out there.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_1When it comes to your entrée switch it up! Jeff went for the jambalaya and was blown away by it.


Composed of chicken, shrimp, and Oscar’s smokehouse sausage along with all those other fixings, he wouldn’t stop raving about it for days. I felt complicated. I wanted turkey, but I really liked the way a particular sandwich sounded that didn’t come with turkey. Easy fix, put turkey in – take roast beef out, you end up with a ridiculously delicious meal tailored to your tastes.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_4I’m drooling just remembering my meal. On top of the fresh tender turkey, crisp juicy slices of bacon, veggies, chipolte pepper mayo, and crunchy onions all smushed into a freshly baked Kaiser roll…this was one heck of a sandwich. All the different textures, flavors, and freshness you could want to sink your teeth into. Plus the half I couldn’t finish (because I was saving room for dessert) tasted just as good the next day. Jeff was into the toll house pie sundae, so I figured I’d be nice and split it with him…the description says it comes with at least two spoons, so we were thinkng it would be pretty big.

olde_bryan_inn_saratoga_5It. Was. HUUUUGE. It could have fed a family for days! Well, maybe not, but we actually couldn’t finish the whole thing which doesn’t happen often when it comes to dessert. Undeniably tasty, hot cookie intermingled with cold ice cream, loads of soft whipped cream and a sprinkling of walnuts…and don’t forget the drowning of hot fudge. It was out of control, I regret nothing. Heck, I’d do it all again tonight! Maybe this weekend, hope to see you there!

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I guess we have just always ordered right!

  2. Almost always something really good here, although often something slightly disappointing to offset it, just a little disappointing, not like ‘we’re not coming back’. Great chili. And the Asian Chicken Chili Bites are fantastic. Had a steak that was completely flavorless, though. Apple Cider Pork Chop I recall was really really good.

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