Milt’s Stop & Eat, Moab

As Moab’s oldest restaurant, Milt’s Stop & Eat [356 E Mill Creek Dr, Moab, UT 84532] has to be doing something right.

milts_stop_and_eat_moab_3The little eatery opened in 1954 and if you didn’t know any better you might believe time has stopped. Order your food from the take out window to go or step inside and take a seat at the counter.

milts_stop_and_eat_moab_4So casual you’ll feel right at home. The menu isn’t too extensive, but what is made is made with love.

milts_stop_and_eat_moab_The burgers are wagyu and grass-fed beef made fresh everyday, the fries are hand cut, and everything is very more than priced. Jeff had a burger he ate so fast I couldn’t even snap a picture of it, he promised it was top notch. The fries also eluded photograph, piping hot and freshly fried. What I did capture was my chicken sandwich, so you can tell my tales are true. It was simple, comforting, deliciously perfect after a long day of hiking. The soft and slightly sweet sesame bun turned in to a bit of a mess as I loaded the sandwich with the chipotle mayo that was on the counter. Whoops! The juicy chicken was grilled just right, all veggies crisp and fresh, and I loved that I had the option to add avocado.

milts_stop_and_eat_moab_2This was just what my body needed to refuel. What I didn’t need, but had to have, was my very own sweet treat of a milkshake. There are so many flavors to choose from! Jeff got a standard strawberry and was super satisfied, while I went for a marshmallow mixed with chocolate and did my best to slurp every last sip!

milts_stop_and_eat_moab_1Milt’s was what we needed after a long day of hiking around, good honest food, served up fast and fresh.

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