Love Muffin Café, Moab

You need a big ‘ol breakfast early in the morning to get your day started right for hiking and adventuring around Moab. Head to Love Muffin Café [139 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532], they’ll give you what you need.

love_muffin_cafe_moab_5First thing you may notice is the funky local art for sale on the walls, or maybe it’s the smell of the food.

love_muffin_cafe_moab_4Sweet or savory…one of life’s hardest decisions. Well, for me it was a savory entrée with a sweet lil love muffin on the side! I got the potatoes bravas which was right on! Base off of Spanish tapas the heart of the dish was covered in tender potatoes smothered in an addicting sauce. There was a great portion of spinach hidden under that perfectly soft runny egg, sprinkled with salty tangy phenomenal feta.

love_muffin_cafe_moab_3So many flavors and…it’s healthy because of the spinach…! Jeff got an epic bacon and egg panini with his own slathering of that super sauce and smoked gouda, on herb focaccia… man this food was fantastic and filling.

love_muffin_cafe_moab_2We had to save our muffins for later, but they were a perfect trail snack. Baked fresh everyday, get there early because once they’re out, it’s all over. The moist buttery breakfast muffin was excelling with hunks of fruit and slabs of bacon, wish I had a bakers dozen!

love_muffin_cafe_moab_ love_muffin_cafe_moab_1Love Muffin is a great start to any day while visiting Moab.

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