Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Gambling. Entertainment. Neon. The Fremont Street Experience is the Las Vegas Experience. Fremont Street is the location of old Vegas where the first hotels were built. Now it has a very different feel from the main part of the strip. Neon signs are everywhere you look, it’s absolutely fabulous. This area was dubbed the ‘glitter gulch’ because it is so dazzling.

fremont_street_experience_1There is a pedestrian mall filled with restaurants and casinos. In the evening it comes alive. The LED canopy lights up the sky with psychedelic images. As we were walking around Heart was playing, I couldn’t help but rock out, loving the scene.

fremont_street_experience_4You can take a unique perspective from above it all by zip lining through the canopy on Slotzilla, the worlds largest slot machine. People were constantly flying overhead, it was wild.

fremont_street_experience_2There were live bands playing on different stages and a performer with a sword. Entertainers of all kinds were on the ground, the dressed up members of Kiss, showgirls, and freaks of all nature.

fremont_street_experience_3Really all you have to do is walk around and appreciate the insanity of it all, you don’t even need to spend a dime. Driving around the Fremont Street area I noticed an abundance of street art not apparent in other areas of the city.

fremont_street_experience_5 fremont_street_experience_ fremont_street_experience_8The murals were great, but near the Downtown Container Park I found something really amazing. A lit up giant praying mantis which sings, dances, and throws flames into the air.

fremont_street_experience_6I was obsessed. What makes it even better was the plaque that went with it, it was built for love!

fremont_street_experience_7If you do nothing else in Vegas visit Fremont Street, it’s got everything you need neatly packaged into a compact area. For me, it was an unforgettable part of my Vegas experience.

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