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Dinner here is different. There is one sushi chef so if it’s busy, and it normally is, you’re going to have to wait. It’s worth it though. The place is Yoshi Sushi [Latham Plaza, 640 New Loudon Rd #5, Latham, NY 12110], a hidden gem in plain sight unassumingly nestled in a strip mall in the suburbs of upstate New York, the chef is Yoshi. Everything is minimal, clean, fresh. You mark your order with check marks on a piece of paper. It’s all very reasonably priced. Yoshi’s wife takes the slip and passes it on to him. She brought us tea and miso soup.

yoshi_sushi_1On our first visit where the wait was a bit lengthy she brought us edamame.

yoshi_sushi_2We didn’t mind the wait, but happily munched on the mame’s which were lightly salted. Since it was so crowded we had to sit at the bar. Normally I prefer a table, quieter, more intimate with my date. However here, we both really enjoyed watching Yoshi work delicately, deftly, making delicious sushi. Finally our slip was at the top of the stack. We watched the chef grab slabs of fish to cut and roll. We were served a huge board of sushi, we always order too much.

yoshi_sushi_We went for different rolls than we are used to, being a bit adventurous. The eel was specifically delicious, the caviar roll decadent. My personal favorite was the flounder tempura roll, so crispy and creamy.

yoshi_sushi_4This is sushi done right. The ingredients are clearly fresh, right down to the rice which tastes cleaner, lighter. There is a reason this place is packed and you have to wait, Yoshi makes the best sushi around. So come in, be patient, and you will be rewarded with excellent sushi.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    For me hard to say which is better, I love them both, and Sake Cafe too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sushi Tei on Western is better.

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