Alander Mountain, Taconic Hike

It was Halloween, which is also our anniversary. Seven years of shenanigans. “What do you wanna do to celebrate babe?” Same thing we always do, babe. So off to the mountains we went, this time, the Taconics.

alander_mountain_Alander Mountain [Rt. 22 and Under Mountain Road in Ancram, NY, keep heading down Under Mountain until you see the parking area] was on the top of the agenda for the day, and it was a glorious hike perfect for the occasion. After walking down the road from the parking area head onto the blue trail. Snag some pretty views behind a neighboring meadow.

Alander_Mountain_1The beginning of the hike is relatively mild, but once you get going you’re headed up till you reach the summit.

Alander_Mountain_2Keep a look out for the white South Taconic trail as your huffing and puffing, it can sneak up on you. Don’t miss it. After a strenuous upward push on the white trail you’ll reach the views, always makes me loose my breath all over again.

Alander_Mountain_3 Alander_Mountain_9 Alander_Mountain_7 Alander_Mountain_6 Alander_Mountain_5 Alander_Mountain_4So many views, they just keep coming each equally or more beautiful from the last. The summit is not marked very well, but there is a well-worn and obvious trail. Keep going until you find affirmation that you are there!

Alander_Mountain_10You could simply walk back the way you came or you can create a loop. Either way is about 5.5 miles roundtrip so it’s your call. I always like to loop if possible, you get to see more of the world. If you’re feeling loopy keep heading forward on the trail until you see a sign for Mass Park HQ, follow that arrow and soon you’ll reach a cabin. From there look around until you see some arrows pointing to the right and no arrows pointing left. Take the road left traveled. The blue blazed trail on the left is the way to go. Enjoy the last of your views here, cherish them, until next time.

Alander_Mountain_11Continue on blue until you reach white and then finally red to complete the loop. Along the way you’ll find some state line markers, you’ve been straddling the border between New York and Massachusetts during this hike.

Alander_Mountain_12You’ll also be treated to some lovely woods on the steep downward path, quickly loosing all of that elevation you worked so hard to gain.

Alander_Mountain_13 Alander_Mountain_14When you finally reach the road you’ll wish the parking lot wasn’t up that little hill! It’s just a short walk though, and so worth it for the memories made on this beautiful mountain.

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