Dessert in Saratoga Springs: The Ice Cream Man

I hate to think that ice cream season is over, especially since I just found one of the most epically delicious flavors I have ever encountered. You may not think anything special is going is going on from the looks of it on the outside, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

DSCN2042These are some more folks who beat Bobby Flay at an ice cream sundae throw down! Chocolate Cherry Cordial from The Ice Cream Man [146 S Broadway Saratoga Springs, New York] has won my heart.

DSCN2041So reminiscent of my favorite childhood candy, a strong creamy chocolate with a mild hint of cherry, and real whole cherries to boost up the flavor! Gosh that is good stuff, and getting two scoops is like an entire meal! Paired with some pumpkin? I think I could eat this duo all throughout October…and beyond!

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