Bridge of Flowers

There once was an old trolley bridge which fell into disrepair. It was an eyesore, but too expensive for the small town to destroy. One lady had a dream to transform the mess into a bridge of beauty, and in 1928 the Women’s Club did just that! A sign on the highway drew me to the Bridge of Flowers [Address of a nearby drugstore, worth peering into itself: 52 Bridge St Shelburne Falls, MA 01370] in a quaint little town divided by the Deerfield River.

bridge of flowers 8Not knowing what to expect, when I entered I couldn’t suppress my delight. It was approaching dusk, the colors on the mountains and river were muted contrasting greatly with the vibrant flowers on the bridge and buildings across the water.

bridge of flowersA thin path leads you through an array of beautiful brightly colored blooms, each more dazzling than the next.

bridge of flowers 7 bridge of flowers 3 bridge of flowers 2 bridge of flowers 1Keep your eyes peeled for humming birds! We spotted quite a few on the short walk. The bridge is open April through October, when flowers are blooming. The metamorphose of this bridge is a great lesson in the power of reusing something old and creating something new and wonderful out of it. The Bridge of Flowers is certainly one of the loveliest places I have ever been.

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