Best of New Hampshire: Newfound Lake

Live free or die, the state motto of New Hampshire. Sounds pretty hardcore, and as you drive into the state you can take your seatbelt off or ride your motorcycle without a helmet legally if you dare. I had never been to the nearby state before this summer [except for the Keene Pumpkin Festival], so I decided to visit and see what it’s all about. I liked it so much I ended up visiting again a few weeks later! I got the New England vibe, with a country-esque tinge, and the place is so full of rich nature to steep in. There is the coast out east, the mountains up north, and the lakes region in the center of the state. We started our exploration in the lakes, later ended up in the mountains, and on my future third trip hopefully I will make it to the coast!

So about those lakes, we decided to explore Newfound Lake through Wellington State Park [614 West Shore Road Bristol, NH 03222, $5 entrance fee] just under four hours from Albany. It is said to be one of the cleanest lakes in the world, one of the deepest lakes in New Hampshire, and full of activity. Kayak rentals are available so we decided to set out and explore this vast lake. There are islands to circle around, great mountain views, and plenty of other boaters on a beautiful day.

newfound lake new hampshire 1 newfound lake new hampshire 2When you tire out there is a long stretch of sandy beach to lay on. Swimming was fantastic on a summer’s day.

newfound lake new hampshire 6 newfound lake new hampshire 3There is a large roped off swimming area divided into two. You can swim out past the kiddies wading in the shallows to the farther area where you’ll have plenty of room to do laps, float, or whatever it is you do in the water. It was so refreshing to swim in such a clean and pristine lake, what a great experience. There are other activities to participate at the park such as hiking, fishing, volleyball, and camping. Don’t miss the wooden carvings!

newfound lake new hampshire 4 newfound lake new hampshire 5This is a wonderfully scenic park to spend a few hours, a day, or even a weekend.

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