Best of Los Angeles Asian Cuisine

California has a huge Asian population that has only grown since approximately one million Asians came through Angel Island in the early 1900s. From East to West they carried with them their unique cuisine and today Los Angeles has a multitude of interesting choices from traditional to those with a twist.

Seoul Sausage Co. [11313 Mississippi Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025] is a funky spin on Korean BBQ that serves up some different and absolutely dynamite food. I was only hungry for a little snack so I got spam musubi balls. I found out about musubi on a trip to Hawaii, and got hooked. When I saw musubi in LA, and it was transformed into a ball, I was curious. I had to try it.

seoul sausage co 1 seoul sausage co 2I’m glad I did, because these morsels were out of control delicious. The savory interior filled with chunks of musubi goodness, paired with a crispy crunchy exterior, dipped or drizzled with a nutty sesame sauce… Yeah, definitely try these balls. Next time I’m getting da KFC (Korean fried chicken) with the kim-chi cheddar cornbread…I’ll expect nothing less than perfection from these guys.

If you’re looking for some pure comfort food, head to Adobo Grill [4716 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027]. If you pass the brightly colored scientology building, you’re on the right track and near the parking lot.

adobo grillThis is a cafeteria style Filipino restaurant. It isn’t much to look at as ambiance goes, but you’ll be too busy stuffing your face to notice. Point to order. I ended up with some seriously appetizing adobo chicken – and ooh baby that rice sucked up that gravy. Yum.

adobo grill 2If you’re on vacation like me, there’s no reason you can’t have two carbs so order some pancit noodles and slurp um down. Now you’ll be heading into a food-coma, find somewhere quiet to take a nap.

There are so many options to pick from within LA’s bustling Grand Central Market [317 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013]. There were so many sights, smells, and cuisines – somehow I passed up Eggslut and the Pupuseria for maybe another visit.
grand central market 1Lunchtime on this day was going to be with the Thai vendor, Sticky Rice.

sticky riceThis colorful stand sources their ingredients locally, and boy, let me tell you they grill up some tasty free-range chicken. So much flavor dripping out of this succulent chicken, catch it in your sticky rice if you can.

sticky rice 1Get lost in some sweet orange sauce, pour it over everything. Except maybe the papaya salad, well, it really wouldn’t hurt it. This is certainly the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten, so utterly satisfying.

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