Croatian Eats: Zlatne Skoljke

Skradin is a small town on the Krka River near the entrance to the Krka National Park. We were lured here for dinner for a number of reasons, and each dream was thoroughly made into a reality at Zlatne Skoljke [Grgura Ninskog 9, Skradin 22222, Croatia]. We ducked in out of the pouring rain and lightening into the small restaurant a little fancy, but very homey. We were greeted and treated like family, and thankfully the food was as warming as the hospitality. Complimentary bruschetta came out with the delicious bread and my oh my those tomatoes tasted of the gods. So vibrantly fresh and juicy, on perfectly toasty bread, with rich savory olive oil – heaven on earth.

IMG_6849One reason we were here was to obtain some wine from the local Bibich Winery and we sipped and nibbled and sipped some more.

IMG_6850Skradin is known for its 12-hour-risotto, another reason we were here. My friend tried this variation, made with lamb and it was undeniably luscious. I had the black risotto with cuttlefish and which was rich and beautiful.

IMG_6853 IMG_6851For my main course I got a local fish and grilled vegetables. When my plate came the waitress cut the fish up for me and took the bones out, I felt as though I was eating with my very own Croatian grandma. It was wonderful. The fish was grilled to absolute perfection and lightly seasoned, perhaps the best I have ever had. The vegetables were undoubtedly the best I have ever had. I eat vegetables because they are good for me, unfortunately not because I enjoy them. However, if I could make these vegetables at home I would turn into a grilled tomato because it would be all I ever ate. Each veggie tasted so ridiculously good, grilled to a soft consistency with just a bit of olive oil. How on earth?

IMG_6852As full as we were my last requirement was the torte. This chocolate and chestnut cake was dense yet crumbly and spongy, drizzled with chocolate sauce. The fruity sorbet it was served with seeped into the crevices of the torte and paired marvelously. Even if you don’t have room for it, don’t leave without the torte!

IMG_6855Dinner ended with a little glass our house made grappa and some candied nuts.

IMG_6856 IMG_6857It was safe to say we almost had to be rolled out of there, so full and satisfied. We dined for so long that we missed the last bus back into town, so our new grandmother called her friend to drive us back to the main bus station in Sibenik. He gave us door to door service under his umbrella and we laughed the whole way with our new gypsy-taxi-grandpa. I will always remember the delicious meal and great feelings that we had during our short time in lovely Skradin.

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