Copenhagen Parks: Frederiksberg Palace and Garden

You know you’re in a special park when great blue herons are more prevalent than pigeons.

IMG_5547 IMG_5552 IMG_5556

Frederiksberg Palace and Garden [Frederiksberg Alle 65, Copenhagen 1820, Denmark] has so many elements that make it sensational. For me it’s the natural aspect – the flowering trees, winding waterway, and fantastic birding.

IMG_5572 IMG_5576 IMG_5577IMG_5611 IMG_5583The herons actually escaped from the next-door zoo, and now they’re everywhere! The park and the zoo share a border and if you come on a lucky day you can spot the elephants.


We weren’t lucky enough to see them, but we did spy some flamboyant flamingos not too far in the distance.


The Palace, a summer home building the 1700s is a cheery yellow against the blue sky and before it stretches a great green lawn.


There are fields to lay out on a warm day with a book or a picnic on a blanket. There is a great little kid’s playground that grabbed my attention, I couldn’t help testing out the hygge hammock!


There were dragons to sit on,


And rock formations in shapes of snakes and butterflies all to aid the imagination.


This park is certainly fit for royalty, and most lovely to stroll in on a trip to Copenhagen.

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