Cherry Plain State Park

This year we got the Empire Pass, so we’ve been on a mission to visit lots of state parks all over New York! Over Memorial Day Weekend Cherry Plain State Park was on the agenda, [26 State Park Rd, Cherry Plain, NY 12040] and we loved the windy roads that took us way out into the middle of nowhere. It was too chilly for swimming on this day, but we took a walk along the campsites to view the magnificently blue lake.


After speaking with some of the park attendants we found out there was a trail to a waterfall, so we decided to go that route. The hiking trails are not entirely obvious here, and the trail maps are not the easiest to follow. Initially we took a wrong turn, which was still an enjoyable stroll in the woods, but without a waterfall!


So we retraced our steps. What we should have done from the beginning is head to the entrance of the park past the pay-station and facing away from the lake there is a trail head. Cross the bridge over the stream and up the dirt path. The path will curve left, don’t go that way! Stay straight and you will soon enter the blue trail into the woods. Follow the markers, this is a well maintained path, and you will eventually reach stream.


Find a good place to cross and continue on down the bend. There are two small but lively waterfalls that you will reach. The first was stronger, but the second fed into a medium sized beautiful pool with deep colors.

IMG_5364 IMG_5367

If you go out the way you came, the trail is about 1.5 miles RT of easy hiking. There are lots of other trails to hike if you can figure out where to pick them up. On a nice day you can enjoy swimming in the lake, or spend the night camping.

There isn’t a whole lot do in the area, but if you like beer or books there are two unique options in nearby Stephentown. Down in Denver Books [874 NY-43, Stephentown, NY 12169] has really interesting history and content.

IMG_5372 IMG_5373The house itself was building during the Civil War and served as a general store for almost a hundred years. Now the cavernous house is filled with rows of old and interesting tales for sale. If you are a lover of books this is definitely a place to stop at, to extend your stay in this rural area.

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3 Responses to Cherry Plain State Park

  1. Wouldn’t expect so, but had to try. Not sure it makes sense to drive a route to see if it is good for biking and then to bike the route if it is good. Kind of defeats one of the benefits of biking! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. julieovaltrades says:

    No I don’t think I went that way, but the roads were quiet in the area and very scenic!

  3. Cool! Looks like a possible alternative to Thompson’s Lake for an overnight bike camp adventure. Probably zero chance you drove Google Map’s proposed bike route, but I have to ask:

    Turn right onto NY-43 E
    6.6 mi

    Turn left onto Gettle Rd
    0.8 mi

    Continue onto Crystal Lake Rd
    0.7 mi

    Turn right onto Miller Hill Rd
    0.6 mi

    Turn left onto Taborton Rd
    8.4 mi

    Turn right onto Dutch Church Rd
    82 ft

    Slight right onto Miller Rd
    1.5 mi

    Turn left onto Cherry Plain State Park

    If you did, please let me know how it looked to you.

    In any event, thanks for sharing!


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