Kinderhook Eats: The Flammerie

I am like a moth to The Flammerie [7 Hudson St, Kinderhook, NY 12106]. This little restaurant nestled at the edge of town is bustling with action, and for good reason. If you don’t make a reservation you probably won’t get into the back room, try your luck at the bar. The seats at the bar are actually really great so do not fear, here you can see the action going on in the kitchen with the wood fired oven that makes the magic. After you are seated by the wonderfully pleasant host, it is time to decide what you are going to eat. You will find a mixture of German and French cuisine here including flammkuchen, or wood-fired flatbreads, appetizers, small plates, entrées, really any mixture for your appetite. There is also a great beer menu as well. We decided on getting the smoky chipotle chickpea spread with undeniably fresh bread, a fantastic start.

IMG_5350Soup is where the two of us fell in love and there was no turning back. I got the butternut apple ginger soup which was accompanied by ramps, pickled onions, and house made croutons.

IMG_5352 IMG_5351

This soup was truly a work of art and I am dreaming about its thick creamy texture as we speak, integrated with all of these amazing accoutrements provided. Jeff got a chicken and dumpling soup that wasn’t on the menu, and claims that it was among the best soups he has ever eaten, full of all sorts of root vegetables and a savory stock.


At this point I was full, but we each ordered our own flammkuchens as well, to gluttony…and beyond! Well worth it though. I had the traditional, fromage blanc, Berkshire bacon lardons, thin- sliced onions, scallions, so thin, delicate, and all of the ingredients fresh and worked together famously.


Good thing these were light. Jeff got the The Puerco which had chipotle fromage blanc, guajillo-braised pork shoulder, fresh mozzarella, cilantro, it looked so good but I couldn’t even stomach a bite!


He noticed the desserts listed on the chalkboard, and we had to put our pizzas aside to get one. The pizzas were placed in this neat little pizza box to go.


We ordered the wood fired salted caramel apple crepe and as full as we were, my second stomach (strictly for dessert) didn’t leave a morsel left on the plate.


It was the culmination of an impeccable meal. This is an absolutely perfect date spot, family night out, solo meal at the bar, must try restaurant! Get yourself to Kinderhook and have a meal at the Flammerie, ASAP!

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