Catskill Eats: Twin Peaks Coffee & Donuts

If you are looking to start your day off right in the Catskills, head to Twin Peaks Coffee and Donuts in Tannersville, [5950 Main St Tannersville, New York] your day might just be complete after breakfast. I fell in love at first sight, and that love was solidified at first bite. The staff is so laid back and friendly, there is locally themed art all over the walls and old school equipment about the space.

IMG_5068There is a pool table in the back corner, so you can post up with your meal or just a coffee and hang out here for a good amount of time.

IMG_5066Place your order at the counter and prop up a seat next to the saran wrapped individual and wait a short time for your meal to come out.

IMG_5067Or maybe you want to wander around the attached antiques store as your waiting, lots of interesting little tid bits to discover.

IMG_5069If it’s your first time here you may be overzealous like I was. I wanted breakfast, I wanted donuts, and I wanted coffee. Good thing I have a garbage disposable as a fiancé, it allows me to try so many things. We noticed a sign at the counter by the menu about donut sliders, and yes, we were curious.

IMG_5065Everything is cooked to order, including these amazingly fresh and crispy little donuts. These petite sliders came out beautifully, slightly sweet and super savory, a home run.

IMG_5071If you feel like you haven’t had enough donuts in your morning yet, and you seriously haven’t, you must try some of their specialty donuts for after breakfast dessert. It’s okay, they’re small, get a few! Look at the board to see their current flavors, we decided on four little gems and happily split them.

IMG_5070Their artfully presented fresh little donuts are dense and soft with a crisp outside, great alone, but heavenly dipped in an array of flavors. My favorite was the salted caramel, but this is a no brainer for me. I love the sweet and salty combination, and this was a perfect balance. They had a samoa donut, which is my favorite girl scout flavor, and phenomenal in donut form, chock full of toasty coconut! A caramel apple was super tasty with firm fresh chunks of apple. And lastly we tried a margarita lime donut, which I would not normally choose; luckily Jeff wanted to try it because it was great! Tangy and sweet, just like a yummy margarita. So all of delectable morsels went down the hatch smoothly with great coffee. If you love their coffee, you can buy a bag of whole beans, and they can grind them up for you fresh. The morning couldn’t have had a better start. We were really tempted to just go home and sleep after such a meal, but the mountains were calling, and we had to work off those donuts!!

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  1. I am helpless but to believe you. Keep it up!

  2. julieovaltrades says:

    Soo great. Even at home I keep a constant pace and spin basketballs on my fingertips!

  3. The place looks great! Thanks for sharing! Do you ever sit still? ; )

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