View the Stars at Hirsch Observatory in Troy

The night sky is so mysterious, so romantic, and so educational. If you’ve ever looked up at the stars and wondered what’s beyond… Hirsch Observatory [Inside RPI’s Campus in Troy on College Ave – the lot with the gate open or GPS: 42.729014, -73.676728] may be a place for you to find some answers!

IMG_4171On many Saturday nights weather permitting the dome recedes and observatory is filled with fresh air and starlight. It was dark and brisk as we entered and were dwarfed by a gigantic telescope. We talked to some knowledgeable people about constellations and planets, and got to take a closer look at them.

IMG_4170On some nights equipment is even taken onto the roof! This was a really fun experience and it was totally free. Next clear Saturday night, take a ride to view the stars!

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