Dinner in Saratoga: The Wishing Well

Saratoga’s Restaurant Week stretches though this weekend (it ends March 29th), so I took this opportunity to visit a fantastic restaurant, and you should too! The Wishing Well in Gansevoort [745 Saratoga Rd, Gansevoort, NY] has a classy atmosphere and seriously delicious food. Just as we were seated and observing all of the horse photos a basket of bread and some coleslaw was placed on the table.


The bread was sooo good! I definitely ruined my appetite eating a whole basket worth of the soft chewy Italian and cornbread with no regrets. The coleslaw was really refreshing and not too sweet, just the way I like it! We ordered from the restaurant week price fix menu and both got cauliflower soups.


So rich and savory, I loved the chunks of mushrooms floating about. I ordered the salmon entrée, which was artistically presented, and seriously tasty!


It was cooked perfectly and I loved the contrasting flavors of the lentils, greens, citrusy sauce, and roe along with the salmon. I was so full, but I believe I have an entire other stomach devoted solely to dessert. I couldn’t possibly finish another bite of my salmon, but I managed to down my entire chocolate mousse phyllo!


It was light and perfect. What a wonderful meal, and the service was phenomenal as well. Restaurant week or not, I would highly recommend enjoying a dinner at The Wishing Well.

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