Ushers Road State Forest

This forest has a quiet little 2.5 mile loop trail through some beautiful woods (on Ushers Road in Clifton Park cross roads are English Road and Rt 9, there is a little parking lot). Lots of old trees and birds singing on a brisk afternoon. There were a few bridges to cross over streams.

IMG_3293 IMG_3294A path diverges from the loop and connects to the Zim Smith trail, which we had never taken before. Along the connector path was a rusted over car coated with snow. IMG_3295The Zim Smith trail goes on for some length and is very flat. We were walking beside many backyards and signs that say ‘quiet’ in numerous ways, I guess these people want their privacy and I can’t blame them. IMG_3296We decided to just walk a bit and then turn back and complete our loop at Ushers, a much more serene place to be.

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