Take out from the Dutch Pot

I have started student teaching which has really taken over my life! Getting used to this new schedule means we’ve been eating out a bit more than we normally do. There are so many restaurants in Center Square that I have tried once, a long time ago, right around when they opened. The Dutch Pot is one of those places that it was time to give a second chance to (418 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12210)! It doesn’t hurt that I can walk there either. We called our order in so we wouldn’t waste any precious time and our order was ready in just a few minutes after we arrived. I got a small order of jerk chicken which was spicy and perfectly falling off the bone. IMG_3274It came with two sides, rice & beans + gooey mac and cheese. Both were delish, and I had leftovers for lunch at school the next day. The man got a juicy finger lickin jerk chicken wrap which came with sweet potato fries. IMG_3272It was all there for a minute and then gone! He must have liked it. He also tried a sorrel ginger juice. IMG_3273The lady behind the counter told us that it is similar to a drink back in Jamaica that they mix with rum for parties. I could see it being a great mixer, very sweet! I am so glad we headed back to this little spot so close to home again, such delicious and affordable food.

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