Dinner at the Ginger Man in Albany

It was Jeff’s birthday and I wanted to take him some place special. We had been to the Ginger Man once before years ago and remembered having a lovely time (234 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203). The location is so close to home, they have a parking lot, and it is a nostalgic area for us as we spend some years in Albany’s student ghetto. I love how this restaurant is just a few doors down from good ol’ WT’s, yet maintains such a classy aura. We got there early and had an extremely attentive waiter. He promptly gave us waters, bread and olive oil, and took our orders. We both got cups of their French onion soup with gruyere cheese, filling and delicious. IMG_3297Jeff got a chocolately beer and a steak which was cooked perfectly and came with delicious mashed potatoes and carrots. IMG_3298He remembered the last time he got a steak here it was also cooked perfectly, two for two! I got the special which was seared scallops, a great aioli sauce, mushroom and cabbage. IMG_3300I always scoff at two scallops, but I could barely finish the whoppers on top of the order of delectable perfectly salty zucchini fries. IMG_3299Both small plates were exceptional. We skipped dessert so we could make cake at home together and blow out the candles! I love this restaurant for a special dinner, it does not disappoint. Could be a great spot to spend Valentines day!

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