Schor Preserve

What do you do after a hefty snow storm? Take a hike of course! Since we lack snowshoes this was an interesting hike, and another winter first for us! Deeeep, fluffy, sparkly snow making this 2.5 mile hike a real good workout. IMG_3305There were some people ice fishing on the snowy lake when we got there, but we were the first pioneers on the trails. IMG_3304There is a green loop trail to take, and a red offshoot that leads you to the summit. It isn’t an extraordinary summit, but the snow was even deeper at the higher altitude. IMG_3306Pretty blue skies and views for miles into Columbia Country. IMG_3307We loved seeing all of the animal tracks in the snow. Thankfully this preserve is marked very well so there was no confusion even though we couldn’t see the trail. The woods were extremely peaceful the day after the storm.

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