Lunch at Earth Foods in Hudson

I love the idea of this joint healthy soups, salads, juices, and they make homemade pizzas. Perfect place for post hike snack! Earth Foods is located right on the main drag in Hudson (523 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534) and has a relaxed atmosphere. There is a lot of seating in this colorful space and at the off-hour we visited it was very quiet. IMG_3312 IMG_3314Our orders were taken quickly and waters were always refilled. Our meals came out quicker than I would have expected, and they were great. I got a big split pea soup which was piping hot. I loved breaking up the big seasoned croutons it comes with to get one bit in each scoop. IMG_3315This was a great addition to the soup which gave it great texture and flavor. Jeff got the margherita pizza with pesto and I scored a couple of pieces, so yummy! IMG_3316A tropical juice hit the spot considering I didn’t make my normal morning fruit and veggie shake, sweet and delicious. IMG_3319I love that a restaurant can base their menu on healthy choices and still make them taste great!

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