Hang with the Cats at Animal Kind in Hudson

Are you a crazy cat lady/person? I am pretty obsessed with my cat; she’s a sweet, inquisitive, and beautiful beast.


I love other people’s cats, strange feral cats, and all of the cats I met at Animal Kind in Hudson (721 Warren Street, Hudson). IMG_3164This place is a dream for cat lovers. You walk in, sign your name (just so that there is no drama if you get a scratch), and you are free to love on some cats. Head upstairs and you may be lucky enough to meet the most darling three-legged cat named Nubbins. Active as anything and ready to jump on your lap and purr, this was my favorite of the bunch. There was also a one eyed cat who was charmer, and the lack of depth perception only added to the character. You may see some kittens in cages waiting to be adopted, too young to run with the tough crowds. IMG_3157There is a back room you may enter with a kitty door leading to a larger outside space (not many of these cats wanted to hang in the cold though). This room was amazing! IMG_3149So many looks and personalities, and all very eager to receive treats. One of the volunteers hooked us up with little treat packages, and we distributed them around. IMG_3156We walked down the hall and entered the various small glass rooms filled with cats. IMG_3162The friendly ones jump right on your lap, while others relax on any number of comfy platforms. IMG_3161Anywhere you look you are bound to find a cat, so watch your feet and watch your head! IMG_3163 IMG_3159This volunteer-based organization is dedicated to helping abandoned and feral cats, and it is also has an adoption program. If you have room in your heart think about adopting a cat in need, or if live close enough think about volunteering, or if you’re just stopping by have some fun and leave a donation. Even small amounts can help! Whatever you do, definitely swing by this amazing cat house while in Hudson if you are a cat lover!

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