Hudson Hike: Greenport Conservation Area

We took a brisk walk at this interesting preserve the other day (319 Joslen Boulevard, Hudson). There is a little parking lot and there are trail maps provided, so grab one and go! Fresh snow on the ground, but the trails weren’t slippery or icy for the most part. There are many colorful trails to choose from, we started on the yellow because it was the only on to the left of the parking lot so we decided to finish that before starting the others. It was a pretty forested trail with a few bridges crossing streams. IMG_3126 IMG_3128 IMG_3129On our walk we spotted something in between tree trunks, and I can’t tell if someone threw some rocks in there to design this or if it was mother nature, but it really looked like a little bird snowman! IMG_3127So cute. The yellow trail has a loop and also a short out and back rail to an overlook which isn’t too different from the other overlooks in the park, but probably more quiet. Many birds, particularly tufted titmice, were happy in the sunshine and there were deer tracks all around. We left the yellow and took the access for all trail to a different overlook. This park has a 1 mile gravel wheel chair accessible trail (if you can see it underneath the snow!) which leads visitors to a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the Catskills. IMG_3134There are also a number of gazebos, picnic tables, and benches located around the park. IMG_3133While we were hanging out in a gazebo we saw a low flying hawk pass right by us, a beautiful sight. We heard and saw the Amtrak train go by as we reentered the woods between us and the river. IMG_3136We continued on the blue, green, red, and purple trails enjoying the woods and icy scenes of these peaceful trails. IMG_3135 IMG_3138 IMG_3139Not too many human encounters on this day, but I am sure that this wonderful place gets a lot of use in warmer weather. There were five miles in all, and an additional two mile trail that connect to another preserve, and one of the trails pops you out into the town park. Great hike and extremely close to the center of the lovely town of Hudson.

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