Soup from Blessings Tavern in Colonie

Blessings Tavern in Colonie, go there on a frosty day to sizzle up your situation (1116 Watervliet Shaker Road, Colonie, NY 12205). You could drive by this unassuming joint your whole life and never know what you’re missing out on, what a hidden gem. This is definitely a townie bar; I’m pretty sure everyone in there new everyone else’s name, and it is totally a bar. No frills here you have some tables, the bar, tvs with the games on, and quickdraw place mats. Don’t be shy, look past all this, go in, and get yourself a soup flight. The waitress/bartender here was really on top of things, a super professional; I love it when I don’t have to flag someone down for water, to go containers, or the bill. She told us the soups of the day (they are also on a board) and we ordered three each. I got the French onion, the southwestern, and the tomato and rice. Each of the soups was unique and scrumptious. IMG_3040They come with two hulking pieces of soft fresh bread to sop it up. We had no idea the soup sizes were going to be so big and we were hungry just coming in from a hike so we ordered wings and fried mushrooms as well. We really would have been fine with soup alone, it’s an extremely filling meal. However, the wings which we ordered hot were really hot and very good. IMG_3041You could tell the mushrooms were whole; they were juicy and seriously yummy especially when paired with the dipping sauce. IMG_3042This place really hit the spot, how can you deny soup in winter? They go perfectly together, and here you can try three really delicious homemade soups that will fill you up for an extremely affordable price. Don’t let winter pass you by without stopping at Blessings.

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