Best of Oahu Hikes: Koko Head

Top Picks: Koko Head (Workout, Military Remnants, Windward)

This hike is a serious workout even if you are in good shape. As you drive towards the park you can see the cone looming in the distance, and you can make out the steep trail that lies ahead of you. IMG_1764There is a parking lot adjacent to a baseball field, and a dirt path leads to the trail. There are 1,048 stairs to climb and no relief, it just keeps getting steeper! These stairs are comprised of old railroad tracks which used to bring supplies up to military bunkers which you can find when you reach the top, abandoned and graffiti’d. IMG_1765But wait, you’re not there yet…back to the stairs. They can be slippery when wet, watch out for that, and there is a short-ish section where the bottom completely falls away. IMG_1766You wouldn’t die if you fell through, but you might break something. It’s a little unsettling so just go fast because if you go too slow you’ll freak, and stay right because there are bees to the left. If this really bugs you out there is a path on the right side that is much easier to navigate and pops you out right back on the trail where there is a bottom. You may not see it right away it isn’t completely obvious, but it is there, and if you can’t find it look harder or ask someone. This is a hot sweaty hike, make sure to bring water and go as early as you can to avoid the unrelenting sun. The bunkers and random abandoned equipment are cool to observe, and so are the bird’s eye views. IMG_1779 IMG_1767IMG_1774The wind is glorious at the top, take your time to soak it in and find every odd nook and cranny and odd artistry up there. IMG_1776 IMG_1768Really enjoy the views, because the way down can be just as hard as the way up and tough on the knees. IMG_1769 IMG_1781 IMG_1782You will leave with jello legs. This is a popular trail and there will be many heading up and down, especially as the day progresses. Be considerate of those who are moving at a faster pace than you or crossing your path on the way up or down and move to the side. Totally worth the effort, this was our first hike of the trip and definitely prepared us well for the rest to come. If you complete Koko Head, Diamond Head will seem like a joke! Great hike, great work out, amazing views and interesting history aspect.

Address: 423 Kaumakani St Honolulu, HI 96825

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  1. Mary-Kate Young says:

    Loved this piece. The views are amazing, and I love the shots of the art 🙂 This blog is awesome.

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