Best of Oahu Eats: Tanioka’s Seafoods

Top Picks: Tanioka’s Seafoods: (Poke, Cheap Eats, Lunch [or early dinner], Takeout, Leeward)

Our favorite meal of the entire trip was here; we visited this spot twice and both times were fantastic. This small local joint is situated in a strip mall next to a 7-11, off of a main parkway. On our first visit we got there early around 9am (after visiting Pearl Harbor) and ordered: the last two spicy ahi crunch rolls which were out of this world fresh, flavorful, and crunchy, yummy;

IMG_1973a fish patty musubi (our first!) which was dense, filling, and savory, delicious;we had never tried poke before so the man behind the counter let us sample a few, I picked the spicy ahi poke and Jeff had the crunchy garlic poke, both so fresh, texturally amazing, and so so tasty paired with rice;

IMG_1976and for dessert some berrylicious sherbert which was the icing on the cake, great smooth and not ridiculously sweet. It was a lot of food, I brought ice packs from the mainland and we packed it up as a picnic to head to the beach (the Ko Olina lagoons, to be exact).


Our visit we got there around noon, and the place was packed! The spicy ahi crunch rolls were sold out, along with all the sherbert flavors. The new things that we tried were spicy ahi inari sushi which was another great option,

IMG_2375and onion ahi poke bowl which was, not shockingly, enjoyable. Again we packed it up and headed towards the beach.

The staff here is super friendly and helpful, they remembered us on our return trip and made us feel very welcome. There is no seating here so make sure you know you are taking your food to go, poke and musubi make a perfect beach picnic meal. Parking isn’t an issue the lot has a lot of spots. The food is amazingly fresh and delicious, and if you are ever in Oahu this joint is a must visit! Try to get there early as some of the best items go fast, and remember they close at 5pm.

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