Best of Oahu Desserts Honolulu Edition: Leonard’s Bakery, Liliha Bakery, & Otto Cakes

I always save room for dessert, especially in Oahu.

Leonard’s Bakery (Masaladas, Cheap Eats, Dessert, Honolulu)

Our trip to this bakery was unexpected. I had it on my radar and definitely planned on getting some masaladas (a Portuguese donut) for dessert one night, but life can throw curveballs. We were on our way to find a specific breakfast place and it was being elusive. The addresses on the island are a little confusing to us, they read for example: 65-1043. Which number do you put in? My GPS doesn’t do dashes. Anywho, a lot of places were a bit hard to find on account of this strange to me number system, so the breakfast place got skipped. Fate would have it that Leonard’s retro blinking sign was right on the same block, and to hungry us donuts didn’t sound like a bad breakfast.IMG_2241 Even early in the morning the place was really packed with others feeling like a donut for breakfast, so we hopped on line. We looked at all the goodies in the display case and discussed what flavor masaladas we should get. Because we’re gluttons we got six donuts. Two dobash (chocolate) filled, two mac nut filled, and two regulars. IMG_2243We got our order in and joined the army of those who were already waiting. Maybe ten minutes (could have been less, I was just salivating) later we were handed a pretty pink box and headed to the safety of the car to stuff our faces. IMG_2242They’re best right out of the fryer, so dig in. The dobash was positively oozing out of its case; it had a really rich cocoa flavor. The filling wasn’t overly sweet which was great because the donuts are coated in a sugar cinnamon mixture. IMG_2244You have to embrace the mess because I myself was coated in a sugar cinnamon mixture after eating. The macadamia nut filled ones were really outstanding as well. Once again the filling wasn’t overbearingly sweet but had a thick warm nutty taste and didn’t ooze as much as the chocolate. As full as could be, I had to stop after two and save my plain for an after hike snack. I know I was supposed to eat them as soon as possible, but I would have exploded. Even though I ate the third one later in the day, I still think it was a pretty delicious donut regardless of freshness. Maybe it was kismit! So happy to have gorged on these awesome masaladas for breakfast.


Liliha Bakery (Cocoa-Puffs, Cheap Eats, Diner/Dessert, Honolulu)

One night we ran ourselves ragged exploring and really weren’t in the mood for a sit down dinner or any sort of public scene. We drove to this bakery known for its Cocoa-Puffs, which is also a 24-hour diner. We parked in the lot and the place was filled with people sitting at the diner seats. We looked at the glass case to see what was available to take home, there were lots of great options including all sorts of sandwiches and snacks. We settled on these two amazingly yummy buttery rolls which had bits of ham and herbs wrapped in to be our main course. We were talking to the lady behind the counter who was very friendly and she said that she liked the éclairs because they were just like the cocoa puffs, but bigger. I trusted her judgment, and we got two of those too. IMG_2239They were really soft, flaky, and had a good amount of perfect rich cocoa chocolate frosting and custard filling. The lady packed them to go in a great little box with a handle. It wasn’t a very well balanced dinner, but it happens. We were more than happy with our decision and enjoyed eating in the quiet of our hotel.


Otto Cakes (Cheesecake, Cheap Eats, Dessert, Honolulu)

This is a tiny funky takeout spot great for cheesecake lovers. There are good (but a bit small) slices for $5 with some interesting flavors. IMG_2390We came in 10 minutes before close and there weren’t too many options left, we picked three to split: white chocolate raspberry, cookie butter, and lemon coconut. IMG_2394They were all tasty though the lemon coconut was our favorite, zesty citrus fresh flavor mixed with the coconut was a perfect vacation blend.

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