Breakfast in Mechanicville: the Ugly Rooster

I like the Ugly Rooster in Mechanicville.

540527_10200395163059634_790732602_n It’s a bit of a drive from Albany, but relatively scenic, and it’s worth it. The town is quiet seeming, and this joint just works here. The menu has got some unique flare going on such as southern style breggfast sandwich with a fried egg/fried green tomato/on a buttermilk biscuit or a benedict omelette with crab/asparagus/hollandaise sauce. The food is served hot and a lot, the service is good and friendly, the coffee keeps coming. The décor is kitschy – the place is plastered with roosters!

533769_10200395162979632_438591437_n I’ve returned several times, and it doesn’t hurt that they usually have a Livingsocial or a Groupon going on. I’ve got Nick’s famous French toast and it is really filling. Thick toast, healthy toppings of fruit, and delicious cream equals a divinely gluttonous breakfast. I’m game.


There is a pancake challenge, if you think you can handle it! They also serve lunch, I’ve brought some chili home for Jeff before and he gobbled it up. Pop out and visit the blockhouse if a bit of history tickles your fancy.


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