Museum of Natural History

Have you ever been to the Museum of Natural History in the city? There are so many different museums in Manhattan, but this is certainly one of the most well known and elaborate ones of them all. If you enter through the subway you begin your journey with a beautiful mosaic scene.


This museum is so gigantic; it is nearly impossible to take in every exhibit. I hadn’t been here since I was a kid, so on my last visit I spent 4 hours viewing, and I still felt as though it was rushed. My greatest childhood memories here dealt with the huge dinosaur skeletons and the ocean exhibit with the even larger whale. These BIG animals had a lasting impact on my mind and certainly helped cultivate interest in nature. They were equally amazing to look at through adult eyes.


Another exhibit that piqued my interest was the culture of the Native Americans. There was an amazing array of unique masks and sculptures.

217956_4941747459475_353616521_n The origami Christmas tree was stunning and intricate. I can’t imagine learning to create some of the more complex animals…I never got past fortune teller.


While you’re in the city you can visit another famous tree, do some holiday shopping, eat some pizza or grab some nuts for nuts, head to Soho, and soak up the city in winter.

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