Day Trip to Cooperstown: The Farmers Museum, Brewery Ommegang, and Glimmerglass State Park

A trip to Cooperstown for most usually has something to do with baseball, but it has a whole lot more to offer than that. Our first trip there was in the fall; it was a beautiful drive and included a trip to The Farmers Museum and Brewery Ommegang.

The Farmers Museum was really fantastic; I love interactive working museums. Visiting here is a great way to look into old rural life. You can watch blacksmiths at the anvil,

389803_4622233871835_1274132938_n printing press and looms being operated,

527773_4622234591853_1636300901_n 429259_4622235071865_2103145213_n and best yet (in my opinion) interact with many farm animals.

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There is also a beautiful stone museum to enter and learn about the ins and outs of farming.

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You can’t leave without a ride on the carousel!


I love this place as an adult, but it is also a phenomenal place to bring the kids. Right across the street is the Fenimore Art Museum, if you are interested in or have to visit. Our next stop however, was to the brewery.


Since on this trip it was our first time there we took the tour, tasting, and of course ate at the café. Tours and tastings run on the hour and they often get full, so it is a good idea to get there early. It was a fun tour and after tasting, Jeff had found beer that would be his favorite for years to come.

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At the Belgian café you can’t go wrong with moules and frites. It’s a delicious combo and there are a variety of dipping sauces to choose from for your frites.

560906_4622251152267_1705783970_n 523209_4622250272245_216159886_n Enjoy your meal and grab some beers to take home from the shop. Our second trip to Cooperstown was in the summertime, a gorgeous time to visit. We spent a lot of time at Glimmerglass State Park . This park has got a lot to offer. We enjoyed taking a long quiet hike throughout the trails viewing the wildlife.

1005316_10201534172654162_582116528_n 208051_10201534164293953_1052272268_n We found the Hyde Hall Covered Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in the United States.

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We strolled about the grounds of the Hyde Hall Mansion and took in the beautiful architecture, imagining what it would be like to live in such a beautiful place.

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After a long hot hike we went down to the lake. Not being one for crowds, we walked away from the comfortable looking sand and spread our towels out of sight on the dirt by some beautiful wildflowers. The water was fantastic, something to dream about on a cold winters day!

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Having had such a great time a Brewery Ommegang, we stopped there again for dinner on our second trip, and enjoyed it just the same. Any season is great for getting out of the city and taking the trip out to Cooperstown, a simply beautiful area.


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2 Responses to Day Trip to Cooperstown: The Farmers Museum, Brewery Ommegang, and Glimmerglass State Park

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Thanks, I’ll definitely take up that offer if I’m heading out there again :).

  2. Deanna says:

    So glad you check out Cooperstown! I’m there multiple times a month (practically live there in the summer) and just love it.

    I’m also happy that you had a good experience with the mussels at Ommegang. When I went there to review the moules frites for All Over Albany, mine were very gritty/sandy. I’ve had them in the past there and it was wonderful overall, I think I just got a bad batch.

    If you ever need more eating recs in C’Town, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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