Catskill Bakery: Hartmann’s Kaffeehaus

While in the Catskills I stopped by Hartmann’s Kaffeehaus, a lovely little German bakery that also serves breakfast and lunch. The intent was to sit down and have breakfast, but we didn’t make it past the pastries behind the glass. This was going to be a full on pastries for breakfast day, and it was so delicious that I have zero regrets. We ordered six pastries in all and split a few for breakfast, and had a few later. Everything was remarkable fresh and tasty, and the sweet lady behind the counter was very patient and we oogled at the goods. The Bienenstich or Bee Sting cake was filled with just the right amount of custard and caramelized on top.


The raspberry Danish was probably the best Danish I’ve ever had, so soft and flavorful.

IMG_1470 The marzipan tart might have been my favorite. The cookie was firm yet soft and brushed with honey, the center filled with marzipan was perfect tasting. I can’t wait to grab some more of these next time I’m on my way down the thruway to share with my parents, who also love almondy marzipan flavor.IMG_1473

The Nussecke was a first for us, and utterly divine. It’s nutty inside tasted almost of baklava but in a thick rice crispy treat texture, dipped in just the right amount of chocolate.

IMG_1494 We topped it off with two strudels, an apple and blueberry. The apple had fresh slices of apple inside of it, and was great. Jeff’s favorite was the blueberry, which was mainly filled with cream cheese, and just a bit of blueberry in it. It was very rich and scrumptious.



So we got a lot of pastries. We ate them mostly for breakfast, and they didn’t last much longer after that. Don’t worry, I hiked it off at Slide Mountain. I would do it again in a hearbeat.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to hike the Catskills too and definitely get some of the marzipan tarts.

  2. Tess Lecuyer says:

    If you are looking for another adventure, Camp Little Notch in Fort Ann is having a Polar Plunge fundraiser this coming Saturday. They are also hosting Black Friday Hiking!

  3. julieovaltrades says:


  4. Deanna says:

    I’m going there immediately. Thanks for the info!

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