Cafe Lark

I required breakfast before taking a hike. There was nothing in the pantry, I didn’t want it to be a whole ordeal, and I didn’t want to do Dunkin –but I wanted something quick and local. As always in my life there were a lot of stipulations. I had been avoiding Café Lark for quite some time, and I don’t know why. I walk by it practically every day. Maybe I thought they were trying to do too much, breakfast, pizza, burgers? I generally like a place that is specialized. When I finally decided to give this place a go it was the morning after Halloween, the place was decorated in a generically festive manner. I took a glittery spider and put it on the table to eat with us. Our breakfast sandwiches were cooked up quick and fresh, and we had an awesome seat for people watching.

IMG_1368 There were many doing the walk of shame, and we had a front row seat while sipping our coffees. The sandwiches were good, filling, and made fast. No frills, no avocado or organic bacon. The price was certainly right. I think Café Lark isn’t trying to be anything special, and maybe that’s okay. They have an amazing location, walking distance for Center Square, and they deliver. I can’t complain about my sandwich, it really hit the spot. I’m really glad that I gave this place a chance, and if I were still in the college partying scene I’m pretty sure I would be surviving off of these breakfast sandwiches every weekend; now I cook oatmeal at home and going out is a treat. I would definitely recommend this joint for a quick no frills breakfast in Center Square, a much better option than Dunkin which is right across the street.

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2 Responses to Cafe Lark

  1. Deanna says:

    I like to think of it more as a stride of pride, but that’s me.

    Thanks for letting people know about this delight! You are right – such a better option than that droll offered up at DD.

  2. Sebastien says:

    The owner is really friendly and needs our support. He is also working on a patio that looks really great form what I’ve seen.

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