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Hike to the Cornish Estate Ruins, Hudson Valley NY

As leaves begin to shed from trees, it’s the best time to check out the   crumbling walls of the abandoned mansion in the Hudson Highlands. Hiking to the Cornish Estate Ruins is not difficult and it is a really cool … Continue reading

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Hike the West Point Foundry Preserve, Hudson Valley NY

Mix a bit of history, a bit of nature, and make a wonderful walk. West Point Foundry Preserve [80 Kemble Ave, Cold Spring, NY 10516] is low key park amongst many popular trails, a must see for those who are … Continue reading

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Glazed Over Donuts, Beacon NY

I am not one for trends, except for trendy donuts. I’m totally about trendy donuts, because donuts are delicious. Not all donuts are made equally, however. With many shops putting on toppings such as cereal or pretzels, you may find … Continue reading

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Jerky from Barb’s Butchery, Beacon NY

I was a picky eater. I was a vegetarian. I was many things in my past life that would lead you to believe that I’d never eat jerky. People change. My lifestyle required power snacks for hiking and a food … Continue reading

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Hike Madam Brett Park to Denning’s Point, Hudson Valley

While other trailheads in the area are brimming with cars and commotion, Madam Brett Park is quiet and relaxed. So much so that when I was driving to the parking lot, I almost thought I was going the wrong way. … Continue reading

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Hudson Valley Hike: Bald Mountain and Doodletown, NY

The Indiana Jones in me gets a kick out of exploring abandoned civilizations, so for years I was allured by the idea of Doodletown – a Hudson Valley mountain town reclaimed by nature. I decided to combine this hike with … Continue reading

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Hiking Bear Mountain State Park, Hudson Valley NY

One of the most well known recreational areas in the Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain State Park [Palisades Parkway or Route 9W North Bear Mountain, NY 10911] is a place for the whole family and the hiking enthusiast alike. While there are … Continue reading

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