Krabi Town Night Market, Thailand

I contemplated skipping the Krabi Town Night Market because of the effort it took to get there from Ao Nang. I’m so glad I didn’t because it turned out to be one of my favorite markets in the country. You could easily hop in a cab or tuktuk, or you can take the bus.

There are many stops on the main drag in Ao Nang and the buses are white pickup trucks, open air.

They wait until the car is near full to take you, which can take some time. The market is held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from around 6PM until 9:30PM. The bus drops you off right in front. It is deceptively big as viewed from the outside, with many streets blocked off to traffic so you can walk with ease.

Well, it’s still a chaotic atmosphere due to its popularity – streets are crowded with human traffic. So dense at times you’ll feel like a sardine, be sure to hold on to you belongings as always in heavily populated spaces. The market has a little bit of everything. You wont find a ton of produce, but you can find an interesting thai snack of sour fruit with colorful spiced sugar gems to pour on top of it. There are dozens of food stalls. You’ll find everything from meat on a stick,

to dumplings,

pad thai,

and even bugs.

Steamed fish with curry paste was a unique little package.

It packed a heavy punch in the spice department!

One of the best desserts I ever had was the kanom ko, made hot on the spot.

Brown sugar dumplings with coconut and a fantastic velvety texture. We didn’t see these anywhere else in Thailand, so be sure to seek them out at the market. Musical performances are held in the middle of the street and up on stage by the main food court.

Shoppers will find crafts such as handmade paintings along with your typical souvenir fare.

After catching a delicious and cheap dinner, some live entertainment, and enjoying the local vibes we found the buses still running.

This particular one had a wild flair. Made it back to Ao Nang much quicker, as the bus was filled with people leaving the market.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Two weeks total it was a very busy itinerary!

  2. usfman says:

    I am just curious. How many days total are you visiting Thailand on this trip? I find your travel plan quite ambitious.

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