Thai Pancakes in Ao Nang, Krabi

They make a great breakfast. They work for lunch. They are a must for dessert. Thai Pancakes are essential when visiting Ao Nang. On almost every street corner you can find a stall whipping them up hot and fresh. We sampled a few, but none was better than Mr. Pancake.

His stall is located outside the 7-11 near to Ao Nang Boat Noodles. Thai pancakes are not like the ones you have at home. The dough is stretched out by hand, thin like a crepe.
Plop a slab of butter on a hot griddle to brown up the dough.

Then the choice is yours. There are so many options, both sweet and savory. Lemon sounded good. Egg and banana sounded interesting. Banana and nutella was undeniably the answer. Mr. Pancake deftly sliced the banana and wrapped the dough over it into a perfect square. He took a spoon and generously coated the pancake with nutella, making sure to get every last bit of it onto the canvas.

Crispy with a perfect browning, not oily, piping hot, buttery, and superbly delicious. Stab your squares with a skewer and don’t share! Just 50 baht for one of the tastiest snacks on earth.

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