Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Most days spent in Krabi were action packed and out of town, but every night without fail we went to Ao Nang Beach to catch the sunset.

Each one was absolutely unique.


Worthy of the effort to make it there on time.

Every time.

We would walk the monkey trail frequently, but never saw any monkeys.

Others mentioned seeing them midday, we generally went at dusk. The rickety path goes up quite a few stairs into the jungle and is short, but steep.

A great little work out. It leads to Pai Plong Beach, a much different scene. Just check in with the guard, sign your name, and you’re free to hang out. It’s a small area and the only development is a resort that sits behind it. Much quieter than Ao Nang Beach if you prefer it that way, but fewer amenities. It wasn’t until our last day that we hit Ao Nang Beach at prime time. It’s very lively. The water is calm and warm, clarity is not so great and it is a bit polluted due to the number of longtail boats. They sure add a great element to pictures though. I still think it’s a beautiful place and had a wonderful time.

If you get hungry or thirsty there is no shortage of restaurants and bars. The Beach Fruit Bar was a fun and easy spot to grab a bite, without losing sight of our towel.

A papaya salad – an iconic Thai dish I hadn’t had yet, and simple grilled chicken were tasty, cheap, and healthy beach snacks.

A few hawkers here and there asking for a massage, or to buy their wares. You can rent a kayak and check out the nearby formations, or even take yourself to Railay.

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