Nang Loeng Market, Bangkok

A historic venue open since 1900, Nang Loeng Market was sleepy in the late afternoon.

It’s best to visit at lunch time to have the most selection. Wandering around the rows many were closing down, but the one I was hoping to visit was still kicking. Khao Gaeng Rattana is known for their daily rotation of curry dishes.

This is absolutely a locals market. No other tourists around, not much information in English. We were about to point and order from the shirtless cook when one of the employees popped up who was happy and able to talk to us. She said the curries finished early, but asked us what we liked and picked out some dishes for us to try. Behind the kitchen is a small restaurant with tables and free tea, complete with old Thai men shooting the breeze. We ended up with some endlessly tender and tangy chicken thighs, a spicy fish stew, and an interesting soup with chicken meat and globs of chicken blood.

No curry, however we were not disappointed with the interesting plates served. Afterwards, I inquired where the good desserts were! This market is known for its traditional sweets. My new found friend actually walked me around the entire market pointing out where the best fruit shakes and traditional desserts can be found, but they were all shut down. Consolation prize – she offered us a free dessert back at her stall.

Black beans and tapioca pearls in a silver soup, I’d never eaten a dish like this for dessert and it was great! Wonderful textures and not overly sweet, I loved the idea of black beans for dessert – making me feel a bit healthy.

Good to know:

+Within relative walking distance of old town

+Open hours: approximately 8AM to 3PM, but around lunch is best

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2 Responses to Nang Loeng Market, Bangkok

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I’m lucky my sidekick has an exceptional tolerance and will finish anything I can’t handle. I usually ask if it’s going to be spicy and stick towards milder foods. Hope to get to India soon and try their cuisine.

  2. usfman says:

    How is your stomach doing with all the spice? In India, I overestimated my tolerance for unknown seasonings?

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