My favorite meal in Bangkok: Nhong Rim Klong

Food in Bangkok is so incredible, it is with the greatest honor that I dub Nhong Rim Klong as my favorite meal in the city. It isn’t in the main hub of Bangkok, but worth making the trek out. It was perfect after visiting the Airplane Graveyard, also way out there in the farther reaches of the city – but to get from one to the other it is a nice local ferry ride on the Khlong. The market has a GPS listing on GoogleMaps, as we reached our destination there was no sign out front shepparding me in. I imagined something bigger and was looking around clearly confused. Thankfully, one of market workers approached me to point me in the right direction, how did I miss it?

That Bangkok heat. Just a covered kitchen and few tables next to the canal. We got there before the lunch rush, but tables would fill up with locals over the course of our meal along with plenty of to go orders. I was surprised we were handed a menu with English names which made things all the easier.

Food came out quickly enough, but sipping on a thai iced tea was perfect while waiting and cooling down from the morning adventures.

Cabbage fried with fish sauce and crab meat was the meal that I’ll never forget. Generous chunks of fresh crab meat tenderly cooked with simple yet, exquisite rich and buttery flavor.

On a bed of crisp cabbage with egg and onion – the texture contrast was right on. To accompany this righteous dish, a spicy seafood soup tom yum – emphasis on spicy.

Something inside made my entire mouth tingly numb! There were plenty of juicy perfect shrimp inside and obviously chock full of vegetables. The broth was excellent to splash over a side of rice. Lastly, because we ordered way too much food here – was the stir fried spicy chili sauce with crab and vegetable.

This is definitely your place to get a crab fix, they know just what to do with it and do not skimp. The veggies are eclectic this meal was certainly another spicy one.

Quick Tips:

+Address: Ekkamai Soi 21, Khlong Tan Nuea, Kate Wathana, Bangkok, Thailand

+Hours: 8:30-4:00PM, Monday through Saturday

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