Shopping in Bangkok: Flower Market

Bangkok is a consumer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a thrifty bargain in the heat of an outdoor market, or high end items at a posh air-conditioned mall, leave room in your suitcase.

Surprisingly, I really couldn’t smell a strong fragrance emanating from Pak Khlong Talat, Bangkok’s 24/7 Flower Market.

Even a market full of fresh flowers can’t combat air pollution in Bangkok. That didn’t mean it wasn’t an escape in its own right.

Color everywhere, rows and rows of blossom.

Plumerias are one of my favorites, reminding me of traveling through Hawaii.

Lotus flowers always make me think spiritual thoughts.

Bushels of flowers I cannot name.

Flower garlands for religious shrines, similar to offerings I saw all over the country.

Most deliveries take place in the wee hours of the morning, but you can still see tuktuks coming in with greens.

You can brighten up your accommodation with a purchase, but they generally sell in bulk.

Located close to Wat Pho, it’s worth a detour and you won’t only find flowers. It’s a budding produce market as well. Flower shops stem out onto the adjacent streets, so explore the area to extend your time.

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