Shopping in Bangkok: Amulet Market

Bangkok is a consumer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a thrifty bargain in the heat of an outdoor market, or high end items at a posh air-conditioned mall, leave room in your suitcase.

You may notice them hanging from your taxi drivers rear view mirror, or on the neck of the local Thai walking by you on the sidewalk. Shrines in temples, right beside the local 7-11, and in my Thai sister-in-laws home. Buddha symbols are everywhere watching over the citizens of Thailand, protecting them. If you’re looking to ward off evil while in Bangkok, stop by the Amulet Market in old town, a few minutes walk from the Grand Palace. All but invisible to the main street unless you were seeking it, the narrow alleyway is filled with amulets.

Tiny trinkets to hefty statues, with prices on both sides of the spectrum.

There is no one there to explain to you what these figures mean, no signage to tell you what each icon may protect you from or help you with.

Just find what calls to you.

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