Shopping in Bangkok: Rot Fai Train Night Market

Bangkok is a consumer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a thrifty bargain in the heat of an outdoor market, or high end items at a posh air-conditioned mall, leave room in your suitcase.

Night markets are a staple in Bangkok for shopping, eating, and socializing – there are dozens of them each with their own personas. One of the biggest in the world is Chatuchak Weekend Market which has over 15,000 stalls over a 35 acre space. One of the grittiest is Patpong Night Market in Bangkok’s red light district. The one I chose to visit is Rot Fai Train Night Market, long removed from its original location beside the railway and placed on the outer fringe of the city.

This market is known for its vintage selection with a hipster vibe and there are dozes of rows for browsing.

Classic cars, old school action figures, coca cola merchandise, pickers will be on cloud nine. As clothes shopping goes there is plenty of kitschy fashion for guys

and gals – first hand and second hand, be ready to bargain to get the best deal.

I can’t believe I didn’t purchase some of the most amazing shoes I’ve ever seen, my only regret.

There are all sorts of knickknacks and souvenirs, including questionable stuffed animals for your child.

You can even go home with an adorable puppy!

Watch where you step, you never know what you’re going to find.

Street food is top notch. Try out some colorful bean snacks.

Or grab a barrel of dumplings.

Maybe you’re hungry enough for giant dumplings.

I love dumplings. Treat yourself to some tasty looking desserts.

Perhaps do quite the opposite – and try some disgusting looking bugs!

This was something I had on my bucket list while in Thailand, and though I saw bugs at many food markets this one felt like the right place – clean enough and merry enough (unlike some of the hardcore wet markets we visited) – they were actually pretty good!

Was not brave enough to try scorpions, maybe next time.

I washed the bugs down with a big cup of iced chrysanthemum tea – not too sweet and absolutely refreshing. There are sit down restaurants lining the market as well, you certainly will not go hungry here.

The market runs from sunset to midnight on Thursdays through Sundays.

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    Thank you! Just a point and shoot cannon, ‘powershot’

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    The clarity of these pictures is amazing. What kind of camera are you using?

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