Tintoreras Islet, Isabela, Galapagos

If you have half a day on Isabela Island, there’s no better way to spend it than hoping on a boat from the docks and heading to Tintoreras Islet.

For our guided trips we went with Pahoehoe Galapagos – easily found on the main strip, and extremely reliable. The ride is ten minutes and on land walk around a lichen tipped lava field.

Wildlife is boundless, blue footed boobies, sally lightfoot crabs, sea lions, and marine iguanas.

One of the coolest sights of my time in the Galapagos was the fissure filled with sleeping white-tipped sharks.

Well, most of them were sleeping!

Apparently the bold yellow damsel fish will take them on if they feel the sharks are invading their turf, very territorial fish. Another short boat ride bidding this mini paradise goodbye leads to a lagoon.

On part two of the trip strap on your snorkeling gear and head in.

Electric blue starfish, gigantic urchins, sea turtles galore, even a few sting rays, and so many fish! Unfortunately we were a few days too late to see the Galapagos Penguins, who moved to different islands for breeding – but they can often be seen here in the right season. Another popular snorkeling trip from Isabel is the Tunnels, which requires a full day.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes!! A little nervous the first time but we were assured in the Galapagos there is plenty of food so they are not interested in humans.

  2. usfman says:

    Snorkeling with sharks. That sounds like fun!

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