Visiting the Ceramic Garden on Santa Cruz, Galapagos

I wouldn’t call the Galapagos an artsy place. It is as most would assume, a more natural locale. However, Santa Cruz is not devoid of creativity. As I was walking down Charles Darwin Ave towards the Charles Darwin Research Station I noticed a giant mosaic arch of a colorful dragon and it stopped me in my tracks!

Wonderfully out of place, I had to take a closer look. Hidden in plain sight, the Ceramic Garden was completely empty.

It is a tiny little space, but certainly a special place to spend a few minutes admiring. Shards of colorful ceramics and a myriad of random little doodads cover a wall.

Images depict scenes from the archipelago, its volcanic beginning and even some actual lava, and a mystical ode to its wildlife.

Some images are not so serious.

And some are downright strange.

I loved naming all of the birds I had seen during my hikes including the blue footed booby, red footed booby, and frigate bird.

It is free to visit and only takes a moment to add a special flair to your walk down the main ave, and we had the place all to ourselves.

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