Rosendale Trestle, Hudson Valley NY

In 1870 it was the highest span bridge in America, rising 150’. In one life the Rosendale Trestle [GoogleMaps location: Binnewater Kiln parking lot] hosted trains, but after years of sitting defunct was rejuvenated in 2013 as a pedestrian bridge. It is located along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail which spans 23.7-mile from Wallkill, Gardiner, New Paltz, Rosendale, Ulster to Kingston. Across the street from the parking lot, head right it isn’t long before you’ll reach the bridge – but don’t hurry! There is a lot to see along quarter mile path to get there.

Perfect for a long run, hike, bike ride, or cross-country ski. The bridge is sturdy and a perfect little destination, just a quarter of a mile from the lot.

The view down to the Rondout Creek is very lovely.

Note a path that leads down to the water after you cross the bridge.

It gives a great view of the trestle frame.

Also, the creek is always a nice place to skip some stones.

Keep walking for many miles, or make this your turning back point. Either way, it’s an interesting destination along a wonderful community asset.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    What a feel good spot to finish off!

  2. I put on a trail race event that ends at the Binnewater Kiln, so runners have the trestle as essentially their “victory lap”.

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