Hike Franny Reese State Park, Hudson Valley

Wanna hang out under the bridge? Take a hike at Franny Reese State Park [281 Haviland Rd, Highland, NY 12528] and you’ll start out there.

But don’t stop there! After walking beneath the Mid-Hudson Bridge, head right to find the trailhead and get hiking.

Approximately three miles of mild trails loop around the park.

Spring was a nice time to visit, a little waterfall was flowing beside the path.

Many wildflowers sprouted.

Robins eggs on the ground told of new hatchlings.

I’m sure winter would be great to visit as well, because it would be all the better to view the ruins.

What once was an elite 19th century Victorian estate of a wealthy dentist in disrepair.

There are several buildings along the trail, so keep your eyes peeled.

At the end of the journey return back to where you started, the sitting park Johnson-Iorio Memorial, with a lovely view of the bridge – perfect for post hike picnicking.

Good to know:
*Connection available to Walkway Loop Trail leading to the nearby Walkway Over the Hudson

*Additional parking at 129 Macks Lane Highland, NY 12528

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