Redwood Driftwood, New Paltz NY

California dreaming? You don’t need to go all the way to the West Coast to glimpse a of the world’s tallest trees. Surprisingly, on a country road outside of New Paltz there is a collection of Redwood Driftwood [Clove Valley Rd High Falls, NY 12440] in a sculpture park setting.

Incredibly resistant, redwoods are practically impervious damage by insect, mold, and water. These roots were scattered along the beaches of northern California, remnants from 1860-1930 when logging occurred.

Each unique piece a work of natural art, simple and elegant.

Seeing the Redwoods is an American dream. The trees are a national icon that all nature lovers should strive to see, but for those stuck on the East Coast, there is a roadside slither to satisfy the soul.

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