Hike Dover Stone Church, Hudson Valley

Right off the bat let’s be clear, this is not a place of worship – well, in the traditional sense. Nature is my spirituality, and to me Dover Stone Church is heavenly.

Walk down the tree lined promenade, flanked on either side by wildflower filled meadow.

At the main trailhead, make a left and follow the Stone Church Brook upstream. The path runs parallel.

It is that simple. This place is a true hidden gem, a shockingly beautiful geological formation in a seriously unsuspecting town. The hike ends dramatically at a metamorphic cave entrance, shaped like a church’s cathedral window – where the formation acquired its name.

Carefully walk inside noting that the rocks are slippery. The entrance to the cave is illuminated due its wide mouth, the converging rocks are magnificent.

From the inside looking out, a silhouette is truly breathtaking.

This hike is an out and back, just over a mile round trip. Take me to church.

Good to know:

*There is no parking right in front of the trailhead which is at 3128 NY-22, Dover Plains, NY 12522

*When school is not in session – park at Dover Elementary 9 School St, Dover Plains, NY 12522

*When school is in session park at Freshco 22 Plaza 3156 NY-22, Dover Plains, NY 12522

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