Hike Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, NY

Upon entering the park, pick up a map at the tollhouse. It is very useful as there are many trails in the preserve. Take the fork to the left and park at the end of the line. From there pick up the blue trail which you can follow all the way to the summit of Blue Mountain.

The trail is peaceful even in this popular park, because there are so many winding paths. The park is very big with mountain bikers, but if you stick to the wider trails it isn’t a problem.

None of the bikers seemed to be going too fast while passing hikers. When you almost reach the summit at 680’ there is a spur to a partial view across the Hudson River towards Bear Mountain.

The journey is the destination. Keep going up for the true summit, pass an old stone structure.

At the top, there is no view at all, just your sense of accomplishment.

On a warm November day we did meet a little snake soaking up the sun.

After you head back down the summit spur, it is your choice on how you want to head back. I chose the longest loop possible on the wide trail staying with the blue, then ending on yellow.

There are dozens of miles for hiking and areas for picnicking, beside the summit trail which was approximately four miles total. Overall, Blue Mountain Reservation is not a dazzling destination hike – but a large park perfect for getting some exercise, fresh air, and nature therapy.

Good to know:

+Continue onto Blue Mountain Reservation road from 415 Lounsbury Ln Peekskill, NY 10566 to find the parking lot

+Fees are collected from May to October 1st, free on off season

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